DERMABLEND is a range of products recommended by dermatologists and used by make-up artists to help women with skin concerns i.e. burn marks, birth marks, acne, skin diseases or even tattoos to cover up. The range has been around for 30 years and specialises in expert high-coverage foundations, concealers etc. Vichy have joined forces with charities and organisations to utilise the strength of their product and help those who need to, feel more comfortable in their skin.

All products are water and sweat resistant and come in 5 different skin shades.

To stress how effective it is, Zombie Boy used it to cover his tattoos.


Watch the video here:

After watching Kevin the make-up artist show us how to use the different products, we were given a selection of products to take away and test. After using each this morning to sample, I have to say I am incredibly happy with the result. I am fortunate enough to not have problem skin but for people who do I recommend using the below.



Corrective stick 14HR.




To find out more about this range of miracle products, or to buy some visit their website: