Valentines Beauty Treats.

Today is the day thousands of women will be preparing for a day of loving tomorrow. I believe that all ladies are body beautiful in their own individual ways, but just to add a little magic to your Valentines prep, I have listed a few tried and tested products.



In this listing I am only featuring products that I personally highly recommend. I believe a new beauty/ body product can add an extra special touch to your beauty regime and will perhaps become a personal favourite of yours.

1. The first item on my list is Simple – Kind To Skin – Cleansing Facial Wipes. These are a beauty staple of mine and have been for years. They really care for your skin as well as being incredibly easy to use. I also prefer these facial wipes to others as they contain no alcohol, no oil,  no perfume and no colourings. They now come in a smaller handbag size pack, which is brilliant for using on your way back from a night out or when staying over at your boyfriends house!

2. My second beauty product of choice is the Simple – Kind To Lips – Intensive Lip Moisturiser. This is a sure handbag essential as it is small, light and reliable. At the moment the weather is snowy and the wind is cold. I find my lips get a little dry and always in need of a little hydration. Simple Lip Moisturiser contains Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 which both restore, smooth and soften skin.

3. The Beauty Parlour -Boob tubes in a box – Get Perky Day! This is a fab product, if only for a little confidence boost. We all know our boys like us just the way we are but this is great for a little confidence boost! It smells great and the packaging is really kitsch, which is always a plus in my book with beauty products! By applying an apricot sized amount to your chest up to your neck after showering really tightens and firms that upper body area. It is a great cream and really does hat it says on the bubble gum pink tube!

4. Jainnisa is a newly favourite body brand of mine. One of my favourite items is the  All Day Soothing Hand Balm. After massaging a ten pence sized amount of this delicious smelling hand cream over the top and bottom areas of your mitts and up to your elbows your skin is instantly baby-bottom soft. The Jainnisa hand balm contains Orange Flower and Shea Butter which absorb really quickly in to the skin and leave it with a healthy glow.

5. Lush is one of my all time favourite brands. Everything from the packaging to the products themselves are always a triumph. For Valentines Day I recommend the Sweetheart Soap and the Soft Coeur Massage Bar. The Sweetheart Soap contains Vanilla, Mandarin and Jasmine which offers a gentle and sweet aroma. When used it produces a luxuriously creamy foam. The Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Powder and honey. Shea Butter is notorious for it’s fabulous moisturising products, the honey smooths your skin and the Cocoa Powder adds a yummy aroma.