Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster & How To Grow Out A Bob Haircut

The summer’s coming up I can’t wait to have some fun with summer braiding, pastel shades and beach waves. This will be the first summer I have had long hair for 4 years as I chopped it all off after a frustrating dreadlock situation at Bestival. I rocked my peroxide bob to the max for years then decided it was time to let it grow, give it a rest from the bleach and a break from the heat styling instruments. My hair has grown so fast since I begun taking care of it. I know lots of you are hunting for tips so I thought I’d share mine.  First I will give a few tips on growing out your bob. Then I will give my tips on how to grow your hair healthier and faster.

Bye Bye Bob: I had a really short bob that was white blonde. My hair is now long and a more natural blonde with white blonde highlights. The first step of growing out your bob is to kick the habit of having it maintained and look at hairstyles that are two inches than what you currently have. Try researching lob cut, lob hair style. This will instantly give you something to aim for. Leave the tongs to hibernate and start using V05 hot oil or coconut oil on your hair. Rub a pea sized amount in your palm then massage it in when your hair is towel dry. If you have bleached hair make sure you massage it in to the ends. Snap up a kids no tangles spray in conditioner too. This will help when you brush your hair after the shower. Do not cut your hair for about three months, by this point using no heat will have protected your hair enough for it to not need trimming. Style your hair towards the lob style and by the three month mark you will have reached that desired look. If you’re getting bored of waiting for longer hair, experiment with a fringe, or your hair colour. Patience is a virtue! Follow my tips of how to grow healthy hair faster once you reach this stage.

How To Grow Your Hair Faster And Healthier: I am going to give my tips in short points below as I know I rambled a bit above!

How to grow hair fast and healthy lulu williams


  1. DROP THE TONGS! Do you want dry, frazzled, product filled hair that’s going to snap off? OH HELL NO! From now on it’s no more straighteners, tongs, curlers, hair dryers, crimpers etc. It’s back to old-school sleeping in plaits, rag curls and tying a loose bun in towel dry hair. TRUST ME – you will see a speedy improvement in your hair after about a week.
  2. MIND HOW YOU BRUSH YOUR HAIR: It might sound silly that something that seems so insignificant could really make a different, but yeah it does and it makes a big difference. Invest in a brush that cares for your hair. I recommend the “maxi-phine taming brush” by Kent Brushes. It’s a fantastic quality hairbrush and a great price at only £10.
How to grow hair fast and The Maxi-Phine Taming brush by Kent Brushes healthy

The Maxi-Phine Taming brush by Kent Brushes

Never brush your hair straight from the shower. Towel dry it, then spray with a tangle free leave in conditioner. I am currently using Schwarzkopf Supersoft Kids Detangling Spray. Ok, yes I know it’s for kids. But it does the trick – no knots, no broken hair, no ripped ends – and yup it smells great too! AND you can pick it up in Poundland. Everyone loves a bargain!

Lulu Williams Blogger beauty Fashion schwarzkopf supersoft kids detangling spray hair care

It does the trick and smells great!

3. LET’S GO COCO! Coconut oil is not only great for your diet, it’s also great for your hair, skin and nails. Take a soft pea sized amount, rub it in your palm and massage in to the ends of your hair. Then let your hair dry naturally.

4. DIET FOR HEALTHY HAIR: I don’t mean stick to rabbit food but by including more foods with healthy fat content such as avocado, salmon, walnuts, eggs, lentils, wholegrains and foods rich in iron you can really make a difference to your locks. Iron is REALLY important for hair growth as it helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles. Eating too little iron can cause hair loss. True fact!

Let me know how you get on and tweet me any questions to xx