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These shoes are made for loving.

Now that it’s officially Summer…*cough cough*… I have decided to invest in some dinky little pumps.

May I introduce the Jane Shilton Provance Comfort Low Heel Printed Leather Ballerina Pump. These pumps are stylish and cute, and easy to wear with anything. They look great with skinny jeans and a peter pan shirt, or even a vintage tea dress. The heel height is something that I am a huge fan of as they are slightly higher than your average pair of pumps,which gives the leg an inch or so extra in length and concludes as a flattering heel to wear.

There are two reasons why I was first attracted to these pumps. Firstly, they reminded me of the smart party shoes I wore as a child, with sweet dresses and patterned tights. Although this is not an ensemble I would embrace now, I always refer back to these charming pair of pumps when investing nowadays. The second reason I adore these shoes is because they are the perfect colour for pumps. What do you mean? I hear you ask. Well, I believe that contemporary fashion that has been influenced by the early 1960s trends is always incredibly stylish, especially women’s footwear. The off-white, beige looks so dreamy with cure mini dresses. Even British style icon twiggy agrees…

These stylish pumps are made from real leather and embellished with a darling little bow.They are built with a foot friendly low block heel, which means incredible comfort all day and night long!

For more information visit www.janeshilton.co.uk