Tassel loafers for the dandies.

Tassel loafers…the à la mode of a gentleman’s shoe collection – have always held a place in my heart. If you’re a reader of my blog then you’ll already know that I favour men’s fashion over womens. The reason being men’s is all about style, whereas women’s fashion allows ladies to dress horrendously nowadays.

If you’re a fella looking for a fresh pair of creps; may I recommend Jane Shilton’s Classic Penny Loafer. These traditional smart/casual penny loafers are cut from high quality polished leather, which means they look great and are built for durability. Dandies should  wear these with coloured trousers or fitted jeans turned up an inch to show off coloured socks or even bare ankles! For a more formal style wear them with slim-fit suit trousers and a classic oxford button down.

(For inspiration click on the images below – chaps in assorted designer tassel loafers.)

AS-Perth Mens Classic Penny Loafer

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