Emily Sato designs WonderLuk’s cursive Love Ring

Taking the industry by storm, WonderLuk is now making printed jewellery in gold, silver and metal plating, and of course the coloured nylon pieces will always be available.
Designed by Emily Sato, WonderLuk’s cursive Love Ring tells someone that, well, you know, that you love them, but more importantly that you think they’re cool. The ring is available in eleven colours in hight tech nylon (£22), in sterling silver (£169), in gold-plated brass (£169) and in 18k red and yellow gold (£1,290).

WonderLuk's Love Ring

WonderLuk’s Love Ring

WonderLuk is a new online boutique that celebrates the unique possibilities of 3D printing, bringing to life intricate shapes and unusual geometries as never seen before. All products are made to order within two weeks. WonderLuk’s striking range includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and iPhone cases available in nylon, 18k gold, sterling silver and gold-plated brass.