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Simple – Kind To Skin – Facial Scrub & Face Mask

I remember my first experience using Simple. It was a few years ago and I had run out of moisturiser. My father very kindly handed over one of his familiar looking white bottles and I rub in some of the fresh smelling, creamy product. My skin absorbed the moisturiser so quickly and I was able to, without hanging around, put on my make up and get on with my evening. Now that autumn is in full swing I am looking to improve my beauty regime. I tend to turn in to a slight couch potato in the autumn, so I decided it would be great to involve a face masks with my movie watching, slipper wearing nights in. Simple struck me as a skin kind brand and I hadn’t yet tried their facial masks or face masks so I dedicated last night to them.

Simple’s Kind To Skin Smoothing, Facial Scrub was first on my list. The front of the packaging noted the ingredients included two vital vitamins, one skin loving exfoliator and zero perfumes or colour. This was great news to my skin, things were looking up for my combination autumnal skin! The directions were very easy to follow. There were only three stages to the facial scrub. 1. Dampen your face with warm water and apply the product. 2. Massage in a circular motion using your finger tips. 3. Rinse off.

My face felt clean and the scrub smelt so fresh it gave me even more confidence in Simple.



Simple’s Kind To Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask was up next. I applied the mask and let it work it’s magic for the recommended three minutes. Washing it off, I felt my skin and how clean it looked and felt. It appeared highly polished and my cheeks were glowing.



Do I recommend them: 100%.

Would I buy these items again: Yes.

Rating: 9/10