My lovely old/new Raleigh bicycle!

This gorgeous baby pink delight is my 1970s Raleigh done up totally from scratch. It’s a sad story because she is a rescue bicycle…I found her in a rain storm chucked against some old recycling bins. Her saddle was ripped and filled with water, her body covered in rust. When I went home that evening my fella marched me straight back to those bins and carried her all the way home.

I won’t lie and say I had anything to do with her rejuvenation – apart from the artistic direction for the lil pink beaut, E did all the work. I will reward him with lots of beer soon.

She’s easy on the eyes and very nearly done – apart from white 1970s Raleigh wheels; which I’m hunting for at the moment. So far she is a combination of things I liked the idea of:

1 gold bicycle bell.

1 huge wicker basket that can my dog can sit in.

White wheels

1 large tan saddle.

She isn’t officially named yet – I will ruminate this week.

Below – E changing the brakes

Below – Me representing the Barnes Massive and my new/vintage pink bicycle!