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My friend Billy says ‘once you go guac you can never go back.’

Billy tells his story:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. An age of burrito. 

I suddenly thought to myself ‘is this all a burrito has to offer?’ I looked at the choices in front of me and had decided I’d made every sort of burrito combination that was humanly possible for the price range I often set to during my lunch periods.

Then I got asked a curious question. ‘Do you want guacamole?’

I stopped and pondered at the idea….I mean, I like guacamole don’t get me wrong, and I’m sure the quality of their guacamole is top notch, but is it really worth a pound?

Maybe it was the chill from the winters air or maybe the fumes from the freshly steamed veg, whatever it was I said ‘yes’. At that point in time the price didn’t even matter. I was looking forward to a whole new burrito experience.

I fear that now I have experienced it I may never change my ways. That is to say now I have gone guac, I am never going back!

(I’d pay up to £1.29 for it in my burrito in future.)


P.S. Billy also says ‘holey guacamole’ but that’s less cool.