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*Miu Miu* Spring Summer 2012

Whilst everyone is busily chatting about Miu Miu’s latest campaign images I’m sticking to what I know…and that’s good and honest style.

Why do I seem so reluctant to discuss these campaign images? Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth my time. They have been over printed, over styled and are so terribly Shoreditch it makes me want to pull my teeth out. Shoreditch is a place full of people who want to appear different ” I’m sooo nineties” … “I’m soo in to Funk..but like obscure disco funk from 1974 that no one else will know.” …”I’m so in to everything that no one else likes apart from oops look everybody else in Shoreditch is wearing it.” Shoreditch to me is a place where people from outside of London come to live in London. They want, so desperately hard to be the fashion obscure. So much so they end up looking like a bunch of try hards. You can smell their charity shop Barbers a mile off. It’s always the same. This shoot does nothing for Miu Miu’s fashion status. Infact if anything is to be learned from this campaign, it’s that Miu Miu has fallen upon very hard times within vogue inspiration sourcing.


Unlike Miu Miu’s campaign, the S/S 2012 collection got my adrenaline pumping.