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Marni & H&M Collaboration



T I C K T O C K T ICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TICk TIck Tick tick tic ti t….. The time isn’t passing quick enough! I am thirsty for just a sneaky peak at a few more Marni for H&M designs. Tribal?! Colourful? Modernism? Retro? Silk? Wool? I need a peek round the corner…just a lick of the icing!



I didn’t like it…

it was tacky and cheap. LOOK it’s all on the sale rail now sweedie!

But Marni. OH MARNI!

Marni is something else. Something I’ve always held passion for.

I remember walking down Sloane Street on my way to school and dribbling in the window with my best friend Soraya. It was like a toy shop filled with magic and gorgeousness….

Don’t tell everybody about Marni…keep a little for yourself.