*Lush* British Nanny

Moisturisers are continuously unable to satisfy my skin and as the weather changes rapidly so does my complexion. At the moment London skies are an unhealthy cocktail of freezing cold rain, or sharply bright sunshine and fluctuating temperatures. My skin is in turmoil; one minute dry and patchy, the next it’s highly shiny. Winter sun can be surprisingly harsh on your skin so it’s important to look for a high SPF in your winter moisturiser.


Lush recently introduced British Nanny moisturiser. Rightly named, this miracle-in-a-tub really cares for your skin. Well known for it’s anti ageing qualities, British Nanny also offers a fantastic SPF30 ingredient as well as Almond and Hibiscus extracts, Shea Butter, Starflower Oil and Candelilla Wax which thoroughly tackle dry, patchy skin.

After a few days of using British Nanny, I can already see it working. My skin appears to be healing from the London weather. Another aspect of this gorgeous product I adore is how plump my skin has become since day one. As well as using it on my face I have also been testing it on my lips and hands, and it has worked a treat.

Thank you British Nanny for looking after my skin so well.