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Lulu’s loving her Nike Air Max

Oops I did it again! I bought some damn fine trainers! No trainer can beat an Air Max! They are bouncy and have hardcore swagger. So now (fingers crossed) I have hardcore swagger too.

I have had a love affair with Nike Air Max trainers since I was allowed to choose my own shoes for school. Ok, since the second time I was allowed to. The first was a choice I thought I’d never regret and actually proved really quite cool at the time…although looking back – they were luminous yellow all over including sole and tongue. I now realise why my dad was so hesitant to buy me these £15 bad boys from the North End Road . They were fluorescent and they were baaaad (in a good way) I promise you. People were even borrowing them! We used to have netball matches and people would say ‘please swap my Filas for your yellows.’

The good old yellows. They got me nuff street cred at school.

But back to Nike Air Max and why I love them. Since I have been wearing these I have received many ‘street cred approval’ looks. I am more in love with my trainers every day. I love Nike Air Max. I love Nike.