The “Deluxe Sophie Wrap Playsuit” from Fiona’s Boutique.

When I DJ at events I like to wear something a little more jazzy than my usual casual clobber I DJ in, especially when it comes to Notting Hill Carnival. This year I wore the deluxe Sophie wrap playsuit from Fiona’s Boutique:

It’s a funky Hawaiian print playsuit with flattering lace trim layered shorts, and cross-over t-shirt sleeve top half.

unnamed 31 The Deluxe Sophie Wrap Playsuit from Fionas Boutique. www.Fionas

Legs Eleven!

unnamed 2 The Deluxe Sophie Wrap Playsuit from Fionas Boutique. www.Fionas

What first caught my eye was the colour – a stunning bright royal blue. Perfect to compliment a summer tan and great with my white creepers!

unnamed The Deluxe Sophie Wrap Playsuit from Fionas Boutique. www.Fionas


As you can see the flash was quite strong in the sunshine. I’m not complaining mind! Sunshine in London is always a good thing. Especially when you have a gorgeous playsuit to celebrate!

unnamed 1 The Deluxe Sophie Wrap Playsuit from Fionas Boutique. www.Fionas


Now I’ve found Fiona’s Boutique I’m hooked on browsing their gorgeous clothes online.

Have a look here: for your next purchase inspiration. I’ve got my eye on lots of things!

The deluxe Sophie wrap playsuit from Fiona’s Boutique £32.

 The Deluxe Sophie Wrap Playsuit from Fionas Boutique. www.Fionas

Habanera Restaurant Review – 280 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush. Mexican Taco & Tequila Bar.

On sunny Sunday we decided to swap the pub for something new; Habanera – Mexican Taco & Tequila Bar, on the Uxbridge Road in Shepherds Bush. Being a huge tequila fan I needed no persuasion from the boy, off we went. 

Upon arrival I was instantly over excited by the open front of the restaurant. The wooden bar at the front connects the shop directly on to the pavement. What’s better than sipping a cocktail and taking in a few good hours of people watching? Speaking of cocktails here is what we ordered…

unnamed 7 Habanera Restaurant Review   280 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush. Mexican Taco & Tequila Bar.

Red Pepper cocktail & Frida’s Amarilla cocktail.

Both were absolutely delicious! Not too sweet, not too strong tasting or sour. The flavours worked incredibly well together. I had to hold myself back from gulping my red pepper and raspberry cocktail all down in one. They really were delicious.

For lunch we started with a small bowl of guacamole. I have to say, although it was delicious, it was very small indeed. We were served about one tablespoons worth of guacamole to go with quite a few large thick corn chips. As a main course I chose the blackened salmon salad with avocado, cilantro, corn & lime, served in a tortilla bowl. The boy had tacos which seemed to disappear so fast I didn’t have time to snap a photo of them. I have taken this as two thumbs up from him. On the side he had sweet potato chips, (which I ate my fair share of ), these were delicious. Not too soggy or oily.

unnamed 61 Habanera Restaurant Review   280 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush. Mexican Taco & Tequila Bar.

Blackened salmon salad.

The service was excellent. Our waitress was very smiley and polite, which I think always makes the food more delicious!

unnamed 8 Habanera Restaurant Review   280 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush. Mexican Taco & Tequila Bar.

The boy does a sturdy job of holding down the receipt.

The bill came to £43.25 which included a £4.80 tip. This worked out at £19.22 PP, which I thought was a good price for one delicious cocktail, a delicious main and a small starter from the snack menu. Habanera – Mexican Taco & Tequila Bar – We shall be back!

Habanera Restaurant: 280 Uxbridge Rd, London W12 7JA

How To Make Delicious Hummus. The Yummiest Hummus Recipe Ever… True dat.

  • 1 tin of boiled chick peas, washed
  • The juice of 2 limes
  • 3 tablespoons of tahini
  • 2 pinches of sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon of sesame oil
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 large handful of cashew, hazelnuts and almonds

unnamed 3 How To Make Delicious Hummus. The Yummiest Hummus Recipe Ever... True dat.

Start by toasting the nuts in a pan over a medium heat til they become a darker shade and you can smell the yummy toasted nuttiness coming off them. This will take you about 5 mins only. Keep tossing them to make sure all sides are nicely toasted.

unnamed 4 How To Make Delicious Hummus. The Yummiest Hummus Recipe Ever... True dat.

Toast them nuts!

Squeeze the 2 limes in to a blender/smoothie maker, add the chick peas, tahini and salt. Give this a quick mix with a spoon then add the oils. Blend till 60% smooth and add 1/3 of the toasted nuts. Blend till 90% smooth, then decant the hummus in to a bowl.

Sprinkle the remaining toasted nuts and serve with raw veg.

unnamed 51 How To Make Delicious Hummus. The Yummiest Hummus Recipe Ever... True dat.

Sooo limey, sooo yummy.

If you like it spicy add jalapenos or half a teaspoon of Encona hot sauce.

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around – OPI Nail Polish

Toe nails are always painted red, finger nails are a last minute colour grab. Last week it was baby lime, this week it’s Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around by OPI. Say whaaaaat? How awesome is that name?

My caucasian summer skin seems to get a deeper shade of brown every year. As soon as I step outside I tan, really deeply nowadays. It is lovely because I don’t have to wear much make up. The only downside is that people keep asking me if I have been on holiday, and being a girl I instantly read in to this. Do people think I lie about in my garden soaking up the sun? I am a self-employed social media entrepreneur don’t cha know! I would actually quite like a holiday at some point this year but with my sister’s wedding and being wholly responsible for everything said by/to my clients online there’s absolutely no way I can leave my desk for the next few months.

Rant over…wowza.

I mentioned my skin tone because this nude shade of nail polish really compliments a summer tan. I also really love this light shade as it reminds me of the 1960s, and if  you’re a frequent reader of my blog you’ll know I’m a sucker for all things 1940s-1970s. This OPI polish is lovely and thick so two coats leaves nails with one clean shade and an even coat. It has also proven to be a tough polish and so far lasted me a few days, which is very rare for me. The quality is great.

Two (neatly painted) thumbs up from me.

unnamed 5 Dont Bossa Nova Me Around   OPI Nail Polish

I’m loving the name!

unnamed 6 Dont Bossa Nova Me Around   OPI Nail Polish

I love to go nude.

Summer sandals.

I treated myself to a seriously cute pair of post box red sandals last week.

There’s something about red shoes that I can’t resist.

unnamed 1 Summer sandals.

unnamed 2 Summer sandals.


DERMABLEND is a range of products recommended by dermatologists and used by make-up artists to help women with skin concerns i.e. burn marks, birth marks, acne, skin diseases or even tattoos to cover up. The range has been around for 30 years and specialises in expert high-coverage foundations, concealers etc. Vichy have joined forces with charities and organisations to utilise the strength of their product and help those who need to, feel more comfortable in their skin.

All products are water and sweat resistant and come in 5 different skin shades.

To stress how effective it is, Zombie Boy used it to cover his tattoos.

tumblr lumxfqs2og1qz81cd Vichy DERMABLEND Make Up

Watch the video here:

After watching Kevin the make-up artist show us how to use the different products, we were given a selection of products to take away and test. After using each this morning to sample, I have to say I am incredibly happy with the result. I am fortunate enough to not have problem skin but for people who do I recommend using the below.

vichy5 1024x1024 Vichy DERMABLEND Make Up

vichy1 1024x1024 Vichy DERMABLEND Make Up

Corrective stick 14HR.

vichy2 1024x1024 Vichy DERMABLEND Make Up

vichy3 1024x1024 Vichy DERMABLEND Make Up

vichy4 1024x1024 Vichy DERMABLEND Make Up

To find out more about this range of miracle products, or to buy some visit their website:

Smoothie drinking, loafers and giraffe shoes.

The weather in London has been completely lush the past week, and luckily for me I have been house sitting the most beautiful house by Barnes pond. There’s something about living somewhere beautiful that makes you want to be organised and clean-living. Don’t get me wrong I don’t eat fry-ups every day of the week but I wanted to practise a bit of vitamining myself up while I had my own space for a few days, so out came the blender.

For my first smoothie breakfast I blended pear, coconut, kale, spinach and banana. It was really yummy and you couldn’t taste the spinach or kale at all, despite it being bright green!

I’ve also been running for 20 minutes every day. Which is not like me at all. My idea of exercise is a weekly bout of flinging myself around some reggae club night somewhere and then running for the night bus. It hasn’t been all healthiness though I have to be honest. For tea I have been having fish and chips, pizza etc and of course always a pudding.

image 30 1024x1024 Smoothie drinking, loafers and giraffe shoes.

Smoothie numero uno.

Recently I have tried to cull my shopping outings by wearing items of clothing that have been sitting in my wardrobe untouched for years. It has been going quite well. I found these shiny loafers, which are quite jazzy.

image 31 1024x1024 Smoothie drinking, loafers and giraffe shoes.

Jazzy shiny loafers.

When shopping I have also been trying to buy items that I think are fun and not boring. On a rare but recent shopping trip I bought these awesome giraffe (or african cow as my friends have renamed them) plimsolls. I hate wearing things that are really stereotypical and try to not belong to any sub-genre. I just sort of wear what I like and have fun with it.

image 32 1024x1024 Smoothie drinking, loafers and giraffe shoes.

Advice for Blonde Bombshells

Having had bleached hair for the past 12 years I thought I would write an article recommending how to keep a bleached barnet sleek and strong.

I first bleached my hair when I was 14. I had been suspended from school for dying my hair pink and had been sent to the nearest hairdresser to have it stripped. I came out with white blonde hair that went all the way down my back. With shiny locks that were still accepted as a “funky do” I went in to school grinning the next day. From then on it stuck. My hair has been dyed with every type of bleach you can imagine but because I am a lazy lady when it comes to prepping myself (I will explain later on) my hair has stayed strong.

Unlike my friends who curl, straighten, clip in extensions, blow dry etc their hair, I am too lazy to do all of this and instead live by washing my hair before bed or first thing in the morning and leaving an hour for it to naturally dry.

When the hair is wet brush it through gently then rub two pumps of L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil through your hair. This hour of drying can be easily filled with drinking tea/wine (depending on time of day), watching Eastenders, playing reggae vinyl or dancing madly round the room if you fancy it.

Ta-dah! I promise it works and will keep your hair really strong and sleek.

Tweet me any questions to

8494754 1 Advice for Blonde Bombshells