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Liz Earle * Sheer Skin Tint

Liz Earle are an all time favourite beauty brand of mine. I find their products are always a success in the body/ beauty department as well as kind on the skin.

I am never satisfied with concealers, foundations, tints or highlighters. They never seem to match my skin or combine well when applied. So without a doubt I admit when this product arrived I was sceptical.

The packaging was very smart. A rich navy blue with a printed white font. It also arrived in a sturdy navy box.

The size of the product was perfect. 40ml is enough and will last months and months as you only need a tiny bit of this at a time.

When I first applied it to my skin it felt refreshingly light. Unlike most skin products this tint allowed my skin to breath, whilst gently moisturising and highlighting in a naturally flattering way.

I have very pale skin and find it hard to balance highlighters and foundations to get the right shade. This tint was exceptionally versatile, as it blended well with other products as well as looking great on it’s own.


Do I recommend it: Yes.


Would I buy it again: Yes.


Rating: 10/10