Liz Earle *Botanical Shine Shampoo*

Over the past few months my hair has seemed a little straw-like, no doubt this dehydration was persuaded by the large amounts of peroxide and purple shampoo I biweekly coated my hair in.

On Sunday whilst relaxing at home I was reading through some old painting books of mine, when turning the page my eye fell on to Sandro Botticelli’s famous work The Birth Of Venus. All of a sudden a light bulb began to flicker on. What if I dyed my hair red? Without hesitation I collected a bottle of Berry Red hair dye and 30 minutes later my hair was a rich red colour.┬áNow I had dyed it, I began to think about what steps I would take to care for my hair.



Shampoo has always been a product I have found quite harsh and drying on my hair, as my hair has been bleached for nearly half my life. After a bit of research and some strong recommendations I chose Liz Earle’s Botanical Shine Shampoo (for all hair types). This specific shampoo contains West Africa sheer butter, naturally derived cleansers, shin-boosting apple and orange extracts and lots of natural Vitamin E. The she butter and Vitamin E intensely moisturise the hair without making it greasy and the apple and orange help to increase natural shine.

After a few washes I can definitely see and feel the difference. My hair is softer and continuously protected. I don’t ever want to use another brand of shampoo. The difference in such a short amount of time is incredible.


Next on my list is the Botanical Shine Conditioner (for dry or damaged hair).

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