Lauren’s Way False Lashes

The ultimate contemporary beauty icon, Lauren Goodger has kicked party make-up up a notch with her false lashes. Her beauty label – Lauren’s Way offers the two must-haves for winter glamour: fake tan and false lashes.

Miss Goodger has always been somebody I’ve admired for looking fresh faced and up to date…it doesn’t help that she’s also naturally stunning! Grrrr! Similarly to Lauren I like to glam up my make up when it’s time to hit the cold streets of London for a night out. So I thought it would be a great idea to try her fab false lashes.


Once on they were a tiny bit too long for the length of my eye so I trimmed them a little bit. After a swift snip and curl they looked great! I drew a line of black eyeliner to hide the edge of the lashes and then blended in some charcoal eyeshadow to create a sixties Bridget Bardot effect. Throughout the night they stayed on and were easy to peel off when I got home. Although I loved them the one thing I would say is that it was lucky I has some eyelash glue to hand as they didn’t come with any. Apart from this I really recommend them!

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