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*Jane Shilton* The best handbag to start 2012 with.

The best way to start a new year is to purchase yourself a stylish handbag. A bag that won’t cause post-shopping guilt, looks fab with nearly everything and gets as much attention as your gorgeous 1950s pea coat.

In the words of Linda Grant “A good handbag makes the outfit ” …Well my good handbag of choice is the Toulouse Medium Multi Colour Tote Cross Body Bag.

This year I was feeling the pinch a little more than previous years so I decided to set myself a budget… under £100. At first I panicked. I know it’s easy to get handbags on the cheap, but handbags that last the distance with my day to day Mary Poppins-esque behaviour… I have been known to fill several poor handbags with as many items as I may or may not need that day. I have a skill for squeezing in way too many unnecessary items for example:  night-lights, two scarfs, extra outfits…just incase the occasion calls. Let’s just call it my artistic-handbag-license.

The Toulouse Medium Multi Colour Tote Cross Body Bag is my first choice this January because (being as shallow as I am when it comes to fashion) it’s soo terribly pretty! There are two colour schemes for this handbag. The first is navy and beige, the second is tan and beige. I love them both, but my heart beats that tiny bit faster for the tan and beige…*sigh*.





This terrifically handsome handbag is by my one of my favourite designers, Jane Shilton. This is a brand that I think deserves ALOT more recognition that it already receives. They are miracles makers for stylish ladies and gents with a price plan. You say Jane Shilton – I think vintage Hermes for women on a realistic budget! You say Alex Shilton – I think brogues, desert boots and classic loafers that any style conscious chap can purchase, yet look as fab as Church’s!

For more information please visit www.janeshilton.co.uk