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Fashion Moments of Louise Gray (flashbacks)

It’s that time of year again (London Fashion Week) and Louise Gray has me quaking in my Dr. Marten boots. It’s her time to shine at 3pm on Monday, I just can’t wait to see what tricks she’ll whip out of her hat this time.

As my mind is buzzing with excitement I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on why Louise Gray stands as my favourite designer.

Let the Fashion Moments begin….

1. Autumn/Winter 2011

2. Spring/Summer 2012

This is the dress that I think of every morning when I wake up. This is the dress I think of every time I reach in to my colourfully jumbled sock drawer and ruminate on what to wear that day. This is the dress I want to get married in.

I adore this dress because it looks like a Ghost dress that got in to a fight with a box of Crayolas. Like a SW13,  London girl spending the night with a bunch of punks. Pretty as an embellished magic box full of tricks.