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Excited for Autumn – Reason #1: Margaret Howell A/W 2012

So summer 2012 never came. All through the summer I have been clad in a weird assortment of knitwear, espadrilles and summer dresses. Although this style of dressing is messy and not always my preferred taste, I’m not going to say it hasn’t been fun!

Autumn is my second favourite season (summer taking first place). The reason being – I love layering! Scarves, duffels, sweaters, shirts, leather gloves, boots, socks, hats and vests – such FUN!

Margaret Howell has always been one of my favourite designers, and not it’s because of her collaboration with Blighty label Baracuta. Have a minny peek here at the G3 Harrington…a classic/a must! http://news.margarethowell.co.uk/baracuta-collaboration/ ┬áIt’s because her collections are always so versatile and stylish!

What else can I say? The girls got style!