Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around – OPI Nail Polish

Toe nails are always painted red, finger nails are a last minute colour grab. Last week it was baby lime, this week it’s Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around by OPI. Say whaaaaat? How awesome is that name?

My caucasian summer skin seems to get a deeper shade of brown every year. As soon as I step outside I tan, really deeply nowadays. It is lovely because I don’t have to wear much make up. The only downside is that people keep asking me if I have been on holiday, and being a girl I instantly read in to this. Do people think I lie about in my garden soaking up the sun? I am a self-employed social media entrepreneur don’t cha know! I would actually quite like a holiday at some point this year but with my sister’s wedding and being wholly responsible for everything said by/to my clients online there’s absolutely no way I can leave my desk for the next few months.

Rant over…wowza.

I mentioned my skin tone because this nude shade of nail polish really compliments a summer tan. I also really love this light shade as it reminds me of the 1960s, and if ¬†you’re a frequent reader of my blog you’ll know I’m a sucker for all things 1940s-1970s. This OPI polish is lovely and thick so two coats leaves nails with one clean shade and an even coat. It has also proven to be a tough polish and so far lasted me a few days, which is very rare for me. The quality is great.

Two (neatly painted) thumbs up from me.

I'm loving the name!

I’m loving the name!

I love to go nude.

I love to go nude.