David Bailey’s East End.

Today I have fever and as I am not very good at being ill I have already tried and failed at the following things:

  1. Walking my dog.
  2. A trip to buy new socks.
  3. A bath.
  4. A trip to buy a pen pot.

The same conclusion came each time from my mother (a failed bath), a granny on the 419 bus (a failed trip to buy a pen pot) and a chav in Primark (a failed trip to buy socks): ‘You’re not well, go home and rest.’

BUT how can you rest when it’s daylight outside? What’s making this fever make my body so horribly boiling hot, painful and dizzy? Was I kidnapped by squirrels on Sunday evening and filled with thousands of miniature hot water bottles and then beaten up by fiendish owls in steel cap boots?

What do people do on ill days?

I’m not a big telly watcher (apart from Eastenders of course) but going through the recorded library of programmes on the tv I noticed an old Culture Show. Twenty minutes in I was loving every second of it. I had been treated to an interview with David Bailey…I love that man. He’s just so refreshingly normal.

Bailey currently has an exhibition on at the Compressor House on the Royal Docks in Newham. The exhibition is part of Create London and finishes on 5th August. Here are some moments captured by the man in question: