*Coffee Breath*

This morning as I clambered out of bed, attempting to untangle one of my feet from the inside of the duvet cover and unglue my eyelids open, the first thought that popped in to my head was how on earth am I going to wake up?!

It was one of those mornings where your malfunctioning brain chooses to make fun of you. For example when putting on a wash, instead of putting the washing powder in the drawer I poured in dog biscuits, and straight after boiling the kettle I put my tea in microwave for two minutes and walked off.

On my way to work I sipped at a Starbucks hot chocolate with two shots of hazelnut syrup, and pondered the many times I felt this nauseous exhaustion before school. My thoughts then drifted on to “thank god I am not a teacher I would have to wake up illegally early for work”. I then recalled one of the worst things about lessons being so early…the teachers coffee breath. To this day I remember the pungent instant coffee tang that would mushroom cloud around my desk when the coffee smelling zombie approached me.

My thoughts then drifted on to my friend Daisy who is working as a teacher’s assistant. I cannot picture her waking up early at all. She is the ultimate snoozer.