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Christopher Shannon – Spring Summer 2012

I want to speak about Christopher Shannon’s SS 2012 collection because it is a collection that I believe deserves recognition for seasonal inspiration. SS clothing for men need to be smart, with a hint of sportswear and original in design. Shannon has, in my opinion, gone about his collection with a very clever mindset. I will start with the colour scheme as it’s the first thing one generally remembers about a collection. Monotones were interrupted by a citrus knit and blocks of contrasting sport-esque sheens. The factors that strongly stood out to me were Shannon’s layering and contrasting textures, all of which he managed to shimmy in to interesting yet masculinely styled outfits. I have respect for Shannon’s collection because unlike other young designers, he isn’t trying to be different. His collection is sporty, stylish and wearable. It-just-works… and personally, I love it.