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Birthday, Guinness, Daisy, Camden and DJ’s Girlfriends.

Last night we went in out Camden to celebrate my 25th birthday…I’m an old girl now.

We graced the usual joints; The Ellies Head, The Good Mixer…I enjoyed a lovely cold pint of Guinness (see the unflattering and slightly drunk snap) with my wonderful mate Daisy. She will one day be an amazingly famous actress. She has an awesome old  man dog who wears polo shirts.

By mistake I upset a young lady who was doing her make up in the loo by calling her (iTunes) DJ boyfriend a miserable selector…ooops. He was actually using iTunes to DJ off (for real) and playing awful mopey music. Cheer up lad!

She was very cross with me.

Bar Italia (Soho) & new Dancehall records.

Today, like most Sundays, I woke up feeling that familiar zombie-esque numbness caused by the tequila from the night before. Last night was a fun trip to Forest Hill to see The JJs and a very good friend of mine spin some Rocksteady in a nice little pub. This morning I refused to let the Guinness get the better of me and hopped on a train to Soho. To fuel my desire to beetle about a grey and rainy tourist location I decided a bit of spendiness was called for. Two new Dancehall albums, two centres, two slip matts, 3o sleeves and 1 Oi DVD later I sat in Bar Italia, dying.

1 Cappuccino, Italian football and a Bradley Wiggins moment later it was home time. Victoria line, Piccadilly line, Mama’s pizza with extra jalapenos, chocolate, pyjamas, vinyl playing…bed.



My new favourite place is Friends of Ham in Leeds.

Leeds has always been my second home. My mum’s from Leeds so since I was a baby we’ve been commuting from London to Leeds and back.

Recently I’ve been going up to see a very good friend of mine, Kel and her gorgeous babies. Last time we had a girl’s night out we discovered a luscious little haven of wine, cheese and board games, hidden in a very handsome basement. Since discovering Friends of Ham we now go every time we are up in Leeds. We love to drink handsome man wine and play the strange shuffle push game, or eat the Yorkshire cheese and drink mulled cider whilst reading their books.

Every time we go we adore it and look forward to the next. It really is worth a visit if you’re up in Leeds.

Fashion Moments of Louise Gray (flashbacks)

It’s that time of year again (London Fashion Week) and Louise Gray has me quaking in my Dr. Marten boots. It’s her time to shine at 3pm on Monday, I just can’t wait to see what tricks she’ll whip out of her hat this time.

As my mind is buzzing with excitement I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on why Louise Gray stands as my favourite designer.

Let the Fashion Moments begin….

1. Autumn/Winter 2011

2. Spring/Summer 2012

This is the dress that I think of every morning when I wake up. This is the dress I think of every time I reach in to my colourfully jumbled sock drawer and ruminate on what to wear that day. This is the dress I want to get married in.

I adore this dress because it looks like a Ghost dress that got in to a fight with a box of Crayolas. Like a SW13,  London girl spending the night with a bunch of punks. Pretty as an embellished magic box full of tricks.

My lovely old/new Raleigh bicycle!

This gorgeous baby pink delight is my 1970s Raleigh done up totally from scratch. It’s a sad story because she is a rescue bicycle…I found her in a rain storm chucked against some old recycling bins. Her saddle was ripped and filled with water, her body covered in rust. When I went home that evening my fella marched me straight back to those bins and carried her all the way home.

I won’t lie and say I had anything to do with her rejuvenation – apart from the artistic direction for the lil pink beaut, E did all the work. I will reward him with lots of beer soon.

She’s easy on the eyes and very nearly done – apart from white 1970s Raleigh wheels; which I’m hunting for at the moment. So far she is a combination of things I liked the idea of:

1 gold bicycle bell.

1 huge wicker basket that can my dog can sit in.

White wheels

1 large tan saddle.

She isn’t officially named yet – I will ruminate this week.

Below – E changing the brakes

Below – Me representing the Barnes Massive and my new/vintage pink bicycle!

Yayoi Kusama: Princess of the Polka Dots

What are your thoughts on Yayoi Kusama?

Although Kusama isn’t chopping sheep in half and preserving them, she doesn’t seem to be doing much more than mixing a range of media with her running theme of polka dots.

I don’t think there have been such mixed views on an artist since Damien Hurst. I say since because it’s only over the past five years  that Kusama has reappeared back in the spotlight of the art world.

Special and spotty or dull and dotty?

David Bailey’s East End.

Today I have fever and as I am not very good at being ill I have already tried and failed at the following things:

  1. Walking my dog.
  2. A trip to buy new socks.
  3. A bath.
  4. A trip to buy a pen pot.

The same conclusion came each time from my mother (a failed bath), a granny on the 419 bus (a failed trip to buy a pen pot) and a chav in Primark (a failed trip to buy socks): ‘You’re not well, go home and rest.’

BUT how can you rest when it’s daylight outside? What’s making this fever make my body so horribly boiling hot, painful and dizzy? Was I kidnapped by squirrels on Sunday evening and filled with thousands of miniature hot water bottles and then beaten up by fiendish owls in steel cap boots?

What do people do on ill days?

I’m not a big telly watcher (apart from Eastenders of course) but going through the recorded library of programmes on the tv I noticed an old Culture Show. Twenty minutes in I was loving every second of it. I had been treated to an interview with David Bailey…I love that man. He’s just so refreshingly normal.

Bailey currently has an exhibition on at the Compressor House on the Royal Docks in Newham. The exhibition is part of Create London and finishes on 5th August. Here are some moments captured by the man in question: