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Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic & Skin Repair Mosituriser

I’m a massive fan of Liz Earle products. Every beautifully packaged item I have tested has been a success. So when receiving a new item from Liz Earle, I do always worry it won’t live up to my expectations!

With a sudden burst on heavy summer sunshine this week my skin went in to turmoil. I have always had  combination skin which fluctuates alongside my hormones and the weather, so this burst of 28*C London sunshine was the perfect excuse to try two Liz Earle items I’ve had my eye on for a while.


First on my list was the freshly scented Instant Boost Skin Tonic. This is packed with naturally active ingredients including a refreshing blend of essential oils, healing vitamin E and soothing organic aloe vera. This is a luscious cocktail of treats for the skin which will left my complexion thoroughly hydrated and revitalised whilst being naturally brightened. It’s exceptionally simple to use and with such a vibrant outcome it’s what I like to call a wonder product. It’s a definite must for any lady who cares about their skin.



Second on my list was the Skin Repair Moisturiser. As I live in Live in London I am amongst pollution  all day long, which is terrible for the skin. Liz Earle’s Skin Repair Moisturiser is rich in potent naturally active avocado and borage plant oils which work in harmony with your own skin’s natural oils, and natural vitamin E to help replace lost moister. This collaboration of vital ingredients gives your complexion just the right level of hydration and plants oils to leave it feeling clean and refreshed. After swapping my usual high-street bathroom brand for these two gems I actually felt like I had a facial. My skin felt extremely clean, radiant and non-greasy even after using the moisturiser.


Liz Earle has once again triumphed and I will continue to spread the good word!



Do I recommend them: 101%.


Would I buy these items again: Yes.


Rating: 10/10


The Best for Bestival

I am a huge fan of festivals. Everything about them I adore, apart from my over keen beauty bag that always seems to take up most of the space in my rucksack!

This year I decided to be ultra organised and only bring good quality, miracle working products!

These products have all been tried and tested and I can guarantee 10/10 for quality and confidence assurance!

In no particular order here are my Bestival favourites:

1. Avon SuperShock Mascara.

This is an essential as it cares for your lashes as well as plumping them to look like falsies. Only one coat of this is needed to achieve beautifully glamorous lashes girls!

2.Liz Earle Eyebright Cleansing Lotion.

Bonfires, glitter and cigarette smoke are all aspects of a festival that can leave your eyes feeling dry, itchy and tired. This is a lovely product because it really does revitalise your eyes!

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo.

One downside to festivals is the lack of showers! When you eventually find one you’re either told there is a two hour queue or that you’ll probably come out dirtier than you went in! Batiste’s mini dry shampoos are perfect for any festival. They are compact, feather-light and the dry shampoo itself allows your hair to feel fresh and leaves it smelling great!

4.M.A.C Glitter Brilliant.

Reflects Antique Gold is a fabulous product for festivals as you can use it anywhere on your body. I like to smudge a fingertip full on the top of my cheek bones and a smudge on my lips for a rock chick look.

5.Havaianas Wellington Boots.

Havaianas sent me these wellies so I thought this would be the perfect time to welcome them in to the world! They are very smart and comfortable. I really look forward to jumping in the mud wearing these.

6.Carmex Cherry Lipbalm.

Lipbalm is something I am slightly obsessed with. I chose Carmex for Bestival because I find it really lasts. It also contains SPF15 which is great for looking after your lips.

7.Simple Facial Wipes.

This is a brand of facial wipes that I truly trust as they remove all make up, as well as cleansing and moisturising my skin whilst feeding it vitamins. I can’t think of a reason not to choose these!

8.M.A.C Nail Lacquer in Shirelle.

Chipped nails are a common occurrence at festivals. This line of varnishes is filled with strengthener and is the most hard-wearing varnish I have ever come across. I adore this classic red, it will match my Topshop raincoat perfectly!

9.Topshop Shiny Plastic Rain Mac.

Retro style meets comfort and utility. What more do you want from your festival coat?!



Avon SuperShock Eyeshadow Pencil

May I introduce Avon’s SuperShock eyeshadow pencil in Moonshine / Starry night.

Smokey eyes with a twist are easily achievable with this handy little pencil. Each end offers something different. On the left we have Moonshine. This is a creamy, stylish silver that looks fabulous smudged around the lower rim of the eye. The second half of the eyeshadow pencil offers us Starry Night. This is a chic combination of pewter tones in an easily applicable tip. I apply this to the outer edge of my eyelid and blend across to achieve an updated smokey eye.

The reason I chose to review this product was because I think it prominently stands out from other brands available in both high street and designer brands. It was also a pleasure to use as it was so easy to apply and didn’t smudge like most other eyeshadows.

Do I recommend it: Yes.


Would I buy it again: Yes.


Rating: 10/10


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Batiste XXL Volume

Batiste  XXL Volume is perfect for glamour-puss girls who always find themselves in a hurry.

I am one of those girls.

As everyone knows it’s important to give your hair a day off in-between every wash, as washing strips your scalp and hair of essential natural oils. Batiste XXL Volume is what I turn to on those in-between days.

This is one of those miracle products that you will be carrying around in your handbags for the rest of the year…I know I do.

Batiste Volume XXL is perfect for two reasons.

Firstly, it eliminates any natural oils from your hair. Making your hair appear fresh and clean.

Secondly, it gives your hair lots of volume. It’s what I like to call the blow dry in a bottle.

It’s an amazing beauty product that comes in a candy wrapper tin.

I only have great things to report about this product.


Do I recommend it:  Yes


Would I buy it again:  Yes


Rating:  10/10


Liz Earle * Sheer Skin Tint

Liz Earle are an all time favourite beauty brand of mine. I find their products are always a success in the body/ beauty department as well as kind on the skin.

I am never satisfied with concealers, foundations, tints or highlighters. They never seem to match my skin or combine well when applied. So without a doubt I admit when this product arrived I was sceptical.

The packaging was very smart. A rich navy blue with a printed white font. It also arrived in a sturdy navy box.

The size of the product was perfect. 40ml is enough and will last months and months as you only need a tiny bit of this at a time.

When I first applied it to my skin it felt refreshingly light. Unlike most skin products this tint allowed my skin to breath, whilst gently moisturising and highlighting in a naturally flattering way.

I have very pale skin and find it hard to balance highlighters and foundations to get the right shade. This tint was exceptionally versatile, as it blended well with other products as well as looking great on it’s own.


Do I recommend it: Yes.


Would I buy it again: Yes.


Rating: 10/10