Brutus TrimFit shirt for Dr. Martens

Yesterday I caught up with a very old mate of mine, Miss Sarah. She is one special lady and it was lovely spending the day with her swanning around Brick Lane, drinking Margaritas and shopping for our boyfriends. I won’t say what she bought Willis incase he reads this post, but I couldn’t resist giving Eli his Valentines present early as I knew he would love it!

The gift in question was the Brutus TrimFit shirt for Dr. Martens.

Both Brutus and Dr. Martens attract the same Mod/ Skinhead followers and have done since the early 1960s so this collaboration has been a long time coming.



The shirt is an original pattern taken from the Brutus archive, reworked with the colouring from the classic cherry red 1460 DM boots. What made the shirt extra special was the packaging. It arrived in a brown card envelope printed with a Brutus and Dr. Martens signature.



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