Bored of the tennis.

Why does everybody love tennis so much?

Why do people get addicted to watching Wimbledon?

Why do people pay 45,000 smackeroonies for a Wimbledon ticket?

I just don’t get it. What is about tennis that interests people so much? For the past hour I have sat in front of the telly at home trying to not lose interest in the Federer V Murray match….

Example of my mind wondering:

‘mmmm I love Murray Mints, grandma used to give them to us.’ Then more thoughts on grandma…

Here I am staring at these ridiculous people watching the match on the big screen in Wimbledon; hopping about, waving union jack umbrellas and ruining their skinny white jeans by shifting about on the grass.

To me tennis is dull, ever so incredibly dull.

If I had to say some good things on the subject I would describe these pictures: