1970s Skinheads and Rude Boys inna London Town.

These days I find myself searching for aspects within contemporary fashion that I respect and admire. Good leather shoes and bags are easy to find if you’ve got the know-how. If you want a nice suit and you don’t have a pocket full of money to burn you might yourself in a spot of treacle. I spend hours scouring Ebay for items that you just can’t buy on the shelves anymore. I like colourful, well fitted suits worn with white tights. Although, I don’t have pipe-cleaners for legs so I don’t wear white tights too often.

So today, instead of hunting down something to feature that is mildly well cut, I’m just going to be honest about what I like. I like clothes with heritage and a scorching soundtrack. Maybe my records aren’t worth much money but I don’t care. For me, it’s about the tracks that are on them that counts. “It’s just the beat I suppose…that’s what they all say.”

Skinheads and Rude Boys London 1970 by LostPirate77