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Batiste XXL Volume

Batiste  XXL Volume is perfect for glamour-puss girls who always find themselves in a hurry.

I am one of those girls.

As everyone knows it’s important to give your hair a day off in-between every wash, as washing strips your scalp and hair of essential natural oils. Batiste XXL Volume is what I turn to on those in-between days.

This is one of those miracle products that you will be carrying around in your handbags for the rest of the year…I know I do.

Batiste Volume XXL is perfect for two reasons.

Firstly, it eliminates any natural oils from your hair. Making your hair appear fresh and clean.

Secondly, it gives your hair lots of volume. It’s what I like to call the blow dry in a bottle.

It’s an amazing beauty product that comes in a candy wrapper tin.

I only have great things to report about this product.


Do I recommend it:  Yes


Would I buy it again:  Yes


Rating:  10/10