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Avon SuperShock Eyeshadow Pencil

May I introduce Avon’s SuperShock eyeshadow pencil in Moonshine / Starry night.

Smokey eyes with a twist are easily achievable with this handy little pencil. Each end offers something different. On the left we have Moonshine. This is a creamy, stylish silver that looks fabulous smudged around the lower rim of the eye. The second half of the eyeshadow pencil offers us Starry Night. This is a chic combination of pewter tones in an easily applicable tip. I apply this to the outer edge of my eyelid and blend across to achieve an updated smokey eye.

The reason I chose to review this product was because I think it prominently stands out from other brands available in both high street and designer brands. It was also a pleasure to use as it was so easy to apply and didn’t smudge like most other eyeshadows.

Do I recommend it: Yes.


Would I buy it again: Yes.


Rating: 10/10


For more information please visit www.avon.com