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Bottega Veneta S/S Menswear 2012

S/S 2012 sees Bottega Veneta introduce a stylish compilation of marl, tonic, knitwear and button downs. This collection hosts an intelligent balance of textures and colour schemes.

Three of Bottega Veneta’s most innovative looks designed and compiled for Spring 2012.


Avon SuperShock Eyeshadow Pencil

May I introduce Avon’s SuperShock eyeshadow pencil in Moonshine / Starry night.

Smokey eyes with a twist are easily achievable with this handy little pencil. Each end offers something different. On the left we have Moonshine. This is a creamy, stylish silver that looks fabulous smudged around the lower rim of the eye. The second half of the eyeshadow pencil offers us Starry Night. This is a chic combination of pewter tones in an easily applicable tip. I apply this to the outer edge of my eyelid and blend across to achieve an updated smokey eye.

The reason I chose to review this product was because I think it prominently stands out from other brands available in both high street and designer brands. It was also a pleasure to use as it was so easy to apply and didn’t smudge like most other eyeshadows.

Do I recommend it: Yes.


Would I buy it again: Yes.


Rating: 10/10


For more information please visit www.avon.com


Batiste XXL Volume

Batiste  XXL Volume is perfect for glamour-puss girls who always find themselves in a hurry.

I am one of those girls.

As everyone knows it’s important to give your hair a day off in-between every wash, as washing strips your scalp and hair of essential natural oils. Batiste XXL Volume is what I turn to on those in-between days.

This is one of those miracle products that you will be carrying around in your handbags for the rest of the year…I know I do.

Batiste Volume XXL is perfect for two reasons.

Firstly, it eliminates any natural oils from your hair. Making your hair appear fresh and clean.

Secondly, it gives your hair lots of volume. It’s what I like to call the blow dry in a bottle.

It’s an amazing beauty product that comes in a candy wrapper tin.

I only have great things to report about this product.


Do I recommend it:  Yes


Would I buy it again:  Yes


Rating:  10/10


THE shoes for stylish ladies this Autumn.



I confess, I’m a lady with an addiction for beautiful shoes. My wardrobe boasts a fruity three hundred pairs…of which half of them have never been worn, and perhaps a third of those still have their labels on. Exceedingly high heels do not prove a success on my shelves/ feet. I tend to binge on stylish flats, boots and wearable heels. I find that if a shoe is comfy as well as stylish I will continue to buy from the same designer as this speaks volumes about the brand. This is why I prefer Jane Shilton as a label.


Autumn 2011 sees Jane Shilton serving up a stylish array of English essentials.

My absolute favourite shoes of the year so far are the Sassari flat heel leather tassel loafers. Available in a formal black patent or classic burgundy, they really get my heart racing. These loafers combine chic contemporary style with British heritage which is seen echoed in the fabulous feature fringe. The polished leather is lined with a foot friendly interior complete with fully padded sock for the highest level in comfort, making these your go-to shoes for everyday wear.


The Sassari Loafers in burgundy are exquisitely traditional. I want these on my feet everyday for the rest of the year! These loafers are perfect with tights and dresses or a cropped tailored trouser and wool cardigan, twin these with Jane Shilton’s Cardamon medium tote bag in black, and you have the perfectly prim ensemble for A/W 2011.


So Ladies, if like me you are a girl with a passion for chic footwear, invest in a pair of these beautiful shoes today.

Your shoe collection is incomplete without them.

Award winning brand Bebaroque collaborates with British label PPQ

Bebaroque has designed a capsule collection of hosiery and body suits for iconic British fashion label PPQ. Launching for Spring/Summer 2012 this design partnership sees a united meeting of minds, after both brands enjoying the same rapid rise to fame in their own fields. The capsule collection will first be seen at PPQ’s show on the opening day of London Fashion Week.

The collaboration was borne out of both brand’s love of and expert use of prints and Bebaroque cites that inspiration has been found in vintage imagery, PPQ branded lettering and the Bebaroque Priscilla print. All have been carefully blended to create a colour popping, unique range blending directional colour ways with subtle hints of animal prints and embellishment.

With Bebaroque’s instantly recognisable prints and PPQ’s continuing love of bold patterns and elaborate fabrics, the capsule collection includes a body and legging decorated with an all over repeat digital print combining leopard print, PPQ brand letters, rope and tassels. A fully embroidered and embellished body will incorporate Bebaroque’s best selling Priscilla print blended with PPQ’s rose imagery.

The capsule collection will also include a range of socks and tights which will feature screen prints, prints with heat fix and embellished socks, as well as printed silk scarves.

Bebaroque, who recently won the Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year accolade at the Scottish Fashion Awards, is delighted to be able to work with the British fashion label who has continued to grow and gain worldwide acclaim since its origins as ‘fashion’s best-kept secret’ after its initial launch in 1992.

Tracey Emin “Love Is What You Want”

Tracey Emin’s work has never been of interest to me. To be quite frank…I couldn’t give a shit about her life. Why should I? Emin is a self proclaimed artist with an appetite for narcissistic behaviour. If you dislike Tracey Emin as a character then don’t go to this exhibition. Luckily for me, I don’t dislike her.


Emin to me is two different characters. Firstly she is the female who wants the attention. Look I made a few quilts with quotes from my life on them…Look what I did in the eighties…These are all my ex fucks…

…And I am Joe Public, observing her conceited observations on the happenings of her private life, her memories and herself. She only speaks of herself. I found myself suffocated by Emin’s shrine to herself.


The second character Emin tempts me with is the misunderstood, slightly disturbed, slightly desperate, yet highly creative individual. Her perception of herself is remarkably honest for a contemporary woman. Her collection is in ode to herself and if she thinks she is interesting enough to build an exhibition around then there must be something to her…no? It’s warts and all, so kudos to her for flashing her privates and having the guts to film herself discussing past issues for the public eye. As a klan of “art” loving citizens we have made her who she is today. That must say something about her skill…mustn’t it?


90% of the exhibition was irrelevant. It was shit. It was dull. It was ignorant.

10% of the exhibition was good. But not great.

This is only my personal opinion…my friend adored it.


Liz Earle * Sheer Skin Tint

Liz Earle are an all time favourite beauty brand of mine. I find their products are always a success in the body/ beauty department as well as kind on the skin.

I am never satisfied with concealers, foundations, tints or highlighters. They never seem to match my skin or combine well when applied. So without a doubt I admit when this product arrived I was sceptical.

The packaging was very smart. A rich navy blue with a printed white font. It also arrived in a sturdy navy box.

The size of the product was perfect. 40ml is enough and will last months and months as you only need a tiny bit of this at a time.

When I first applied it to my skin it felt refreshingly light. Unlike most skin products this tint allowed my skin to breath, whilst gently moisturising and highlighting in a naturally flattering way.

I have very pale skin and find it hard to balance highlighters and foundations to get the right shade. This tint was exceptionally versatile, as it blended well with other products as well as looking great on it’s own.


Do I recommend it: Yes.


Would I buy it again: Yes.


Rating: 10/10



Jane Shilton have stylishly succeeded in combining both immense class and remarkable comfort. May I introduce the A-S Baxter Mens Boot. A beautifully designed brogue-meets-chelsea boot. Cut from the finest quality polished calf leather, featuring Argentine leather soles and a comfort ensured lining. The rich tanned leather is  craftily complemented via slim cut, coffee laces and six scrubbed bronze eyelets. The height of these boots sits comfortably and looks chic under a classic trouser, formal or casual.

Whether it’s Sunday lunch or a busy day at meetings, brogues are an essential wardrobe staple for any style-conscious dandy. The importance of the brogue boot  stems from it’s ability to suit office wear as well as a more dressed down fashion. I recall reading an article a while ago that rightly claimed the brogue to be ‘the gentleman’s trainer’. Easy to wear, yet immensely aesthetically trim. No matter what the catwalks pronounce in-vogue, the brogue boot is always in fashion.

These are a must for this Autumn/ Winter as they combine classic boot making with a high level of modish detailing. Invest today and let these boots see you though the season in style.


Please see www.janeshilton.co.uk/baxter-mens-boot for more information.