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*Aesop* Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser

Parsley isn’t something I would normally associate with pampering. In fact, I would go as far as saying I actually dislike the taste, smell and texture of the herb. So before I experienced Aesop’s facial cleanser, using anything Parsley based on my face didn’t sound appealing.

In the post arrived a small brown cardboard box with my name neatly written on the front. I opened the side of it and pulled out Aesop’s exceedingly handsome wrapping paper…I was already loving my Aesop experience. Inside the busy wrapping paper lay a small brown bottle, simply labelled on one side with directions, title and ingredients.

I dampened with face with warm water and smoothed on a small amount of the fresh smelling cleanser. After two minutes I began to feel a slight tingle. My skin felt like it was gently waking up and the aroma of the cleanser was refreshing and gently, which was a generous leap from the high-street brands of facial cleansers.

After a few minutes I began to massage in the cleanser and it felt like my skin was being thoroughly rejuvenated with each finger movement. When washing off the product I noticed my skin felt very clean and relaxed. I explored my complexion in the mirror and saw that my skin tone had slightly evened out.


I have a new found passion for Aesop….maybe parsley isn’t so bad after all.


If you care about your skin visit www.aesop.com today.