Advice for Blonde Bombshells

Having had bleached hair for the past 12 years I thought I would write an article recommending how to keep a bleached barnet sleek and strong.

I first bleached my hair when I was 14. I had been suspended from school for dying my hair pink and had been sent to the nearest hairdresser to have it stripped. I came out with white blonde hair that went all the way down my back. With shiny locks that were still accepted as a “funky do” I went in to school grinning the next day. From then on it stuck. My hair has been dyed with every type of bleach you can imagine but because I am a lazy lady when it comes to prepping myself (I will explain later on) my hair has stayed strong.

Unlike my friends who curl, straighten, clip in extensions, blow dry etc their hair, I am too lazy to do all of this and instead live by washing my hair before bed or first thing in the morning and leaving an hour for it to naturally dry.

When the hair is wet brush it through gently then rub two pumps of L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary¬†oil through your hair.¬†This hour of drying can be easily filled with drinking tea/wine (depending on time of day), watching Eastenders, playing reggae vinyl or dancing madly round the room if you fancy it.

Ta-dah! I promise it works and will keep your hair really strong and sleek.

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