Lulu’s loving her Nike Air Max

Oops I did it again! I bought some damn fine trainers! No trainer can beat an Air Max! They are bouncy and have hardcore swagger. So now (fingers crossed) I have hardcore swagger too.

I have had a love affair with Nike Air Max trainers since I was allowed to choose my own shoes for school. Ok, since the second time I was allowed to. The first was a choice I thought I’d never regret and actually proved really quite cool at the time…although looking back – they were luminous yellow all over including sole and tongue. I now realise why my dad was so hesitant to buy me these £15 bad boys from the North End Road . They were fluorescent and they were baaaad (in a good way) I promise you. People were even borrowing them! We used to have netball matches and people would say ‘please swap my Filas for your yellows.’

The good old yellows. They got me nuff street cred at school.

But back to Nike Air Max and why I love them. Since I have been wearing these I have received many ‘street cred approval’ looks. I am more in love with my trainers every day. I love Nike Air Max. I love Nike.

Dogtooth capes, yellow shoes and jazz clubs

Here are my beautiful yellow suede peep toes from Clarks. Here are my feet on Saturday evening on the way to Dover Street Jazz Club. These are my favourite shoes because they are yellow, peep toed and pretty. They also look incredible with my dogtooth cape.

Louise Gray S/S RTW 2013

Louise Gray has officially won my heart once again. Just look at what she has created!


Zig Zagging pastels and contrasting fabrics create tribal combinations. I love the drawn on angular eyebrows and shaggy beehives, which together compose the ideal ‘mix and match’ of perfection.

The patterned tights were really beautiful, especially as they were slipped in to pretty printed shoes.


Beauty spots and tangerine lipstick…yum yum yum!

She is a modern Zandra Rhodes and I love every second of it!

Bora Aksu S/S 2013 @ London Fashion Week

I wanted to start inviting guest bloggers to use my page to share their love of …well, everything really!

I would like to introduce an old friend of mine Miss Hansy Hobs of

I adore Bora Aksu but unfortunately couldn’t make the show yesterday. Miss Hansy Hobbs has done a delicious review of the Bora Aksu S/S 2013 collection:

Is it possible for a designer collection to become more beautiful, more elegant and more enchanting each season? In the case of Bora Aksu a big resounding yes! Yesterday afternoon the Turkish, London-based designer delivered his SS13 collection to rapturous applause. In a continuation from his AW12 collection this season saw models saunter down the runway in opulent dresses and skirts offset by statement prints and big, frizzy beehives. Whilst the pastel blues and greys remained understated big pops of primary colours such as yellow and red really made this a statement collection. The regal theme was inspired by Marie, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria who later went on to become Queen of Romania and each model wore a magnificent knitted crown with drop down hair braiding acting as the perfect accessory. Every piece was beautiful yet whilst the entire collection was bold, decadent and contained a strong regal theme the delicate organza silk of the gowns and fitted shapes of the jackets remained feminine and wearable. This Modern Queen collection really is just that!


*Liz Earle* (No.4) Raspberry Signature Lip Colour

I adore Liz Earle products, so when I heard about the Colour Collection for A/W 2012 I couldn’t wait to try it. As autumn approaches London I always reach for my make up bag and wonder what shades shall I wear this season?

My lipstick of choice is Liz Earle’s Raspberry. It’s creamy and gentle, and has the perfect balance of being a cheeky, fruity shade whilst sitting pretty on my lips!

If you want to switch your lippy shades for autumn, or just fancy a make-up dabble I recommend investing in a few bits from this Liz Earle range.

For more information visit


Fashion Moments of Louise Gray (flashbacks)

It’s that time of year again (London Fashion Week) and Louise Gray has me quaking in my Dr. Marten boots. It’s her time to shine at 3pm on Monday, I just can’t wait to see what tricks she’ll whip out of her hat this time.

As my mind is buzzing with excitement I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on why Louise Gray stands as my favourite designer.

Let the Fashion Moments begin….

1. Autumn/Winter 2011

2. Spring/Summer 2012

This is the dress that I think of every morning when I wake up. This is the dress I think of every time I reach in to my colourfully jumbled sock drawer and ruminate on what to wear that day. This is the dress I want to get married in.

I adore this dress because it looks like a Ghost dress that got in to a fight with a box of Crayolas. Like a SW13,  London girl spending the night with a bunch of punks. Pretty as an embellished magic box full of tricks.