My lovely old/new Raleigh bicycle!

This gorgeous baby pink delight is my 1970s Raleigh done up totally from scratch. It’s a sad story because she is a rescue bicycle…I found her in a rain storm chucked against some old recycling bins. Her saddle was ripped and filled with water, her body covered in rust. When I went home that evening my fella marched me straight back to those bins and carried her all the way home.

I won’t lie and say I had anything to do with her rejuvenation – apart from the artistic direction for the lil pink beaut, E did all the work. I will reward him with lots of beer soon.

She’s easy on the eyes and very nearly done – apart from white 1970s Raleigh wheels; which I’m hunting for at the moment. So far she is a combination of things I liked the idea of:

1 gold bicycle bell.

1 huge wicker basket that can my dog can sit in.

White wheels

1 large tan saddle.

She isn’t officially named yet – I will ruminate this week.

Below – E changing the brakes

Below – Me representing the Barnes Massive and my new/vintage pink bicycle!

Yayoi Kusama: Princess of the Polka Dots

What are your thoughts on Yayoi Kusama?

Although Kusama isn’t chopping sheep in half and preserving them, she doesn’t seem to be doing much more than mixing a range of media with her running theme of polka dots.

I don’t think there have been such mixed views on an artist since Damien Hurst. I say since because it’s only over the past five years  that Kusama has reappeared back in the spotlight of the art world.

Special and spotty or dull and dotty?

David Bailey’s East End.

Today I have fever and as I am not very good at being ill I have already tried and failed at the following things:

  1. Walking my dog.
  2. A trip to buy new socks.
  3. A bath.
  4. A trip to buy a pen pot.

The same conclusion came each time from my mother (a failed bath), a granny on the 419 bus (a failed trip to buy a pen pot) and a chav in Primark (a failed trip to buy socks): ‘You’re not well, go home and rest.’

BUT how can you rest when it’s daylight outside? What’s making this fever make my body so horribly boiling hot, painful and dizzy? Was I kidnapped by squirrels on Sunday evening and filled with thousands of miniature hot water bottles and then beaten up by fiendish owls in steel cap boots?

What do people do on ill days?

I’m not a big telly watcher (apart from Eastenders of course) but going through the recorded library of programmes on the tv I noticed an old Culture Show. Twenty minutes in I was loving every second of it. I had been treated to an interview with David Bailey…I love that man. He’s just so refreshingly normal.

Bailey currently has an exhibition on at the Compressor House on the Royal Docks in Newham. The exhibition is part of Create London and finishes on 5th August. Here are some moments captured by the man in question:

Tassel loafers for the dandies.

Tassel loafers…the à la mode of a gentleman’s shoe collection – have always held a place in my heart. If you’re a reader of my blog then you’ll already know that I favour men’s fashion over womens. The reason being men’s is all about style, whereas women’s fashion allows ladies to dress horrendously nowadays.

If you’re a fella looking for a fresh pair of creps; may I recommend Jane Shilton’s Classic Penny Loafer. These traditional smart/casual penny loafers are cut from high quality polished leather, which means they look great and are built for durability. Dandies should  wear these with coloured trousers or fitted jeans turned up an inch to show off coloured socks or even bare ankles! For a more formal style wear them with slim-fit suit trousers and a classic oxford button down.

(For inspiration click on the images below – chaps in assorted designer tassel loafers.)

AS-Perth Mens Classic Penny Loafer

For more information please visit

Bored of the tennis.

Why does everybody love tennis so much?

Why do people get addicted to watching Wimbledon?

Why do people pay 45,000 smackeroonies for a Wimbledon ticket?

I just don’t get it. What is about tennis that interests people so much? For the past hour I have sat in front of the telly at home trying to not lose interest in the Federer V Murray match….

Example of my mind wondering:

‘mmmm I love Murray Mints, grandma used to give them to us.’ Then more thoughts on grandma…

Here I am staring at these ridiculous people watching the match on the big screen in Wimbledon; hopping about, waving union jack umbrellas and ruining their skinny white jeans by shifting about on the grass.

To me tennis is dull, ever so incredibly dull.

If I had to say some good things on the subject I would describe these pictures:

Blogging on Sundays

Sundays are for:

  • Eating
  • Slobbing
  • Sorting
  • Gardening
  • Resting
  • Blogging?

After taking a little time out from my small blog, I’ve decided a slight love injection is required.

From now on I promise to write at least twice a week…ok maybe just once a week….but I promise to write something cultural or chuckle-worthy or fun or yummy or London based. Sundays will bring a fresh blog post. I hope it will amuse you.


The perfect way to pop your summer blues bubble…

Urgh…this London weather is horrible. After arriving back from Lanzarote last Saturday, I decided to get in to summer mode and pulled out all of my dresses and even a straw hat to compliment my tan. Every single day last week I wore summer dresses in a bid to tease the sun in to coming out….. but to no avail and every day I sat with grosse soggy shoes under my desk.

I’ve decided to dedicate today to packing away all my floaty dresses, sandals and shorts.

It’s official…summer is not coming this year.

When it comes to tidying – I like to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To spur myself on I always choose a gift to buy before I start. My gift today is a gorgeous pair of black ankle boots by Jane Shilton.

 Illinois High Metal Heel Ankle Boot

The reason I’ve chosen these is because I was so cross with my soggy ballet pumps that I wanted to get something completely opposite. Black leather, metal, stiletto heel…I think I’ve managed to find a match.

These look great with skinny jeans and a striped top, or black cigarette trousers and a plain white tee and a blazer or even worn with a cute ditsy dress to add a bit of Punk.

They are also available in a tan snake print which will look super stylish day or night with skinny jeans or dresses.

For more info please visit