These shoes are made for loving.

Now that it’s officially Summer…*cough cough*… I have decided to invest in some dinky little pumps.

May I introduce the Jane Shilton Provance Comfort Low Heel Printed Leather Ballerina Pump. These pumps are stylish and cute, and easy to wear with anything. They look great with skinny jeans and a peter pan shirt, or even a vintage tea dress. The heel height is something that I am a huge fan of as they are slightly higher than your average pair of pumps,which gives the leg an inch or so extra in length and concludes as a flattering heel to wear.

There are two reasons why I was first attracted to these pumps. Firstly, they reminded me of the smart party shoes I wore as a child, with sweet dresses and patterned tights. Although this is not an ensemble I would embrace now, I always refer back to these charming pair of pumps when investing nowadays. The second reason I adore these shoes is because they are the perfect colour for pumps. What do you mean? I hear you ask. Well, I believe that contemporary fashion that has been influenced by the early 1960s trends is always incredibly stylish, especially women’s footwear. The off-white, beige looks so dreamy with cure mini dresses. Even British style icon twiggy agrees…

These stylish pumps are made from real leather and embellished with a darling little bow.They are built with a foot friendly low block heel, which means incredible comfort all day and night long!

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Two Greedy Italians by Antonio Carluccio & Gennaro Contaldo

Two Greedy Italians is my favourite reading book. I say reading book and not cook book, because it is so visually appealing that I don’t just refer to it for recipes. It makes excellent bedtime reading, or when you are on route through London on a bus, or in the office trying to escape the computer for a few mintues. The photos are beautifully taken and perfectly symbolise the romance and colour that home cooking should celebrate.

In my spare time I love to grow my own produce. At 24, I am only a novice to my father’s Sunday hobby but I have built up a refreshing collection of vegetables and herbs over the past few summers. Last summer radishes, tomatoes and leeks were flourishing in my vegetable patch. This year I am adding sunflowers, blue poppies, spinach, varied tomatoes, beetroot and asparagus to the collection. Fingers crossed for some London sunshine!

One of the pleasures of having my own vegetable patch is the eating of my homegrown produce. Another reason I love Two Greedy Italians is because the recipes are simple and delicious and incredibly easy to make.

After checking my green house five minutes ago, I have spinach on the brain. La Vera Pizza Napoletana is my fail-proof recipe for when I have guests over. It is a crispy based pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella for a topping. I love to throw in a handful of my home grown spinach to add a little texture amongst the basil. Apologies for the slightly blurred pages of the book. My copy is covered in oil and flour from using this recipe so much – this is a sign of a good recipe!

Whilst I am on the topic of Antonio Carluccio, I want to point out that I am only 24 so don’t have an incredible amount of money to spend on ingredients, but at the same time,as a foodie – I want the most flavoursome and the best for what my money can buy. I want to recommend two products from Carluccio’s. Firstly the Tre Oli (Three Oils) is fabulous value for money. I enjoy using these oils on everything from pizza, bread, pastas to salad, fish, meat vegetables, cheese…The second product I want to recommend is the Carluccio’s Aceto Balsamico Di Modena I.G.P. The flavour of this oil is tangy and sweet. It compliments main courses of all kinds and is great for infusing vegetables with or dashing a little on summer fruits for something a bit more lively.

A few snapshots of my garden.

I don’t think this is something that I have really spoken about before, but I am an avid gardener. At the young age of 24, I behave as a 60 year old does and stroll around my garden on a Sunday. With my Roberts on Radio 4 and cup of tea in hand, I stand admiring my pruning, the moist soil and how well my leeks are coming along.

Although the weather has been pretty grim recently for us early risers, it means the greatest of green for the garden. I hope you enjoy my snapshots of my garden after the rain. If you’re a bit of a gardening perv like me, I have just built a vegetable patch in the back of my garden and will be giving updates and tips for anyone who gives a damn about growing things!