*Lush* Black Stockings

Having a tan always makes me feel healthier and better about my appearance.

I’m the kind of bird who reaches for natural products over maximum impact, so when it comes to brands I’m a sucker for Lush.

May I introduce the yummiest product to sit on my dressing table for a while now, Black Stockings by Lush.

I have fair caucasian skin and this is a product intended for black skin…oh dear you may think, but I can guarantee it looks fab on.

Black Stockings makes the best of your legs, by covering up any patches of uneven skin tone, moisturising the skin and giving it a soft feel and glow. A blend of brown and bronze pigments in a cocoa and shea butter bar – that when swept over the legs will soften and moisturise, whilst the pigments cover lightly to give an even colour, tone and glow.

 Not only is the packaging similar to that of a sugary sweet packet, the bar also looks and smells good enough to eat. The ingredients include spiced oils, orange oil and pimento berry.