Christopher Shannon – Spring Summer 2012

I want to speak about Christopher Shannon’s SS 2012 collection because it is a collection that I believe deserves recognition for seasonal inspiration. SS clothing for men need to be smart, with a hint of sportswear and original in design. Shannon has, in my opinion, gone about his collection with a very clever mindset. I will start with the colour scheme as it’s the first thing one generally remembers about a collection. Monotones were interrupted by a citrus knit and blocks of contrasting sport-esque sheens. The factors that strongly stood out to me were Shannon’s layering and contrasting textures, all of which he managed to shimmy in to interesting yet masculinely styled outfits. I have respect for Shannon’s collection because unlike other young designers, he isn’t trying to be different. His collection is sporty, stylish and wearable. It-just-works… and personally, I love it.









Prada Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

When Miucca Prada was asked to sum up her Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear she replied with a one word answer; “Sweetness.”


The method to her celebration of all things sweet consisted of taking the passionate duo adorned by most Italian men; women and cars. Miucca took these two subjects and placed them in the 1950s. Prada styled their models as pin-up B-movie girls. Delicate silk dresses and skirts were customised with flame style car spray paint as a stamp of “boyfriend” upon the model.


*Miu Miu* Spring Summer 2012

Whilst everyone is busily chatting about Miu Miu’s latest campaign images I’m sticking to what I know…and that’s good and honest style.

Why do I seem so reluctant to discuss these campaign images? Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth my time. They have been over printed, over styled and are so terribly Shoreditch it makes me want to pull my teeth out. Shoreditch is a place full of people who want to appear different ” I’m sooo nineties” … “I’m soo in to Funk..but like obscure disco funk from 1974 that no one else will know.” …”I’m so in to everything that no one else likes apart from oops look everybody else in Shoreditch is wearing it.” Shoreditch to me is a place where people from outside of London come to live in London. They want, so desperately hard to be the fashion obscure. So much so they end up looking like a bunch of try hards. You can smell their charity shop Barbers a mile off. It’s always the same. This shoot does nothing for Miu Miu’s fashion status. Infact if anything is to be learned from this campaign, it’s that Miu Miu has fallen upon very hard times within vogue inspiration sourcing.


Unlike Miu Miu’s campaign, the S/S 2012 collection got my adrenaline pumping.





Aquascutum RTW A / W 2011 – 2012

….don’t mind me. I am just sitting here, quietly falling in love with this collection. 


It’s a little bit to do with the shearling, and a wincey bit to do with the tailoring and just a smidgen to do with the layering

The colour scheme is sophisticated and stylish, whilst the layering remains to be hung in a rehearsed and well-cut manner.


It sings highly in British tones and is remarkably wearable for such a honoured label. This stunning collection is a true blessing within the world of fashion.





Marni & H&M Collaboration



T I C K T O C K T ICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TICk TIck Tick tick tic ti t….. The time isn’t passing quick enough! I am thirsty for just a sneaky peak at a few more Marni for H&M designs. Tribal?! Colourful? Modernism? Retro? Silk? Wool? I need a peek round the corner…just a lick of the icing!



I didn’t like it…

it was tacky and cheap. LOOK it’s all on the sale rail now sweedie!

But Marni. OH MARNI!

Marni is something else. Something I’ve always held passion for.

I remember walking down Sloane Street on my way to school and dribbling in the window with my best friend Soraya. It was like a toy shop filled with magic and gorgeousness….

Don’t tell everybody about Marni…keep a little for yourself.